Clock made of Swiss pine - world map

Size: 22x22cm
Sale price€69,00

Discover the exquisite combination of nature and precision with our Swiss stone pine clock, which combines an engraved world map, elegant walnut hands and a silent movement. This clock is not just a timepiece, but a statement for sustainability and attention to detail. 🌍✨

  1. Engraved world map: Each watch features a carefully engraved world map that symbolizes the adventure and beauty of our planet.
  2. Walnut hands: The handcrafted hands made of fine walnut give the watch a natural contrast and a warm touch.
  3. Silent movement: Equipped with a high-quality silent movement, this clock guarantees quiet moments and disturbance-free nights.
  4. Sustainable materials: Made from Swiss pine, known for its durability and pleasant scent, this watch represents ecological sustainability and well-being.